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Conditions such as overactive bladder, stress incontinence and recurrent urine infection can cause significant inconvenience and distress. A number of simple treatments are available, often based on non-invasive assessments. More detailed assessments may be provided, particularly if surgery is being considered, when a variety of options, including injection therapies and minimal access techniques are available.



Vaginal prolapse is a very common condition, with about 1 in 8 women having surgery for prolapse and about a third of these women undergoing more than one operation. Because of this, it is essential to have the right assessment and advice, understanding the risks, benefits and outcomes in order to choose the treatment that is right for you, with shared decision making and tailored expert advice.



The sensitive nature of pelvic floor conditions, affecting bladder, bowel, vaginal and sexual function, means that a specialist urogynaecologist, working within a multi-disciplinary environment is best placed to assess, investigate, advise and treat these common, but often severely incapacitating conditions. Many women will experience a degree perineal trauma and with damage to the pelvic floor following childbirth, which can result in treatable bladder, bowel, vaginal and sexual problems

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Who do we see?
elvic floor problems can affect any women and at Sheffield Pelvic Floor Clinic we see women of all ages. Partners, friends or relatives often come along to provide support and are always welcome. We believe that anyone looking to seek treatment with us should be kept as fully informed and up-to date as possible with all aspects of available options our service provides.

Sheffield Pelvic Floor Clinic
BMI, Thornbury Hospital, 
312 Fulwood Rd, Sheffield S10 3BR

Telephone: 0114 267 4408

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